It’s a beautiful desert
The place that I live in
With hills ever changing
And the color of love.
At night the sky is closer
The stars sing solely to me
And I forget about the sun
So hot, so cruel, so bright
Burning, blinding, drying
Out my soul.
The blissful drops of water
That flood my night-time dreaming
Are just a painful promise
That’s always out of reach.
One day I’ll dry out hoping
And I’ll be like the dust
A toy for playful winds
Scattered to complete the beauty
Of the desert that I live in.


Dare to fly

because birds fly so high
and we are all afraid to die
you smile ’cause you are too shy
to tell me that you love me

but birds are not afraid to die
that’s how they dare to fly so high
and love should smile but not be shy
like you are when you touch me

if love should die
after we got our hopes so high
birds would still be up and fly
just like the day you met me