Who are you when you are in love?

“Is it only when you are in love with another person that you see them as they really are? And in the ordinary way when you are not in love with people, you see only a fragmented version of that being? Because when you are in love with someone you do indeed see them as a divine being and suppose that’s what they are truly. And your eyes have by you beloved been open, in which case your beloved is serving to you as a kind of guru, an initiator. […] or you could put it this way, which is another aspect of it; that by falling in love and by falling in love not just as a sort of sexual infatuation, cause it’s always more than that, isn’t it? […] But when you fall in love it’s much more serious involvement. You just cannot forget this person, you feel miserable when not in their presence, you’re always yearning: let’s see more of each other, let’s get together, we’re completely entangled. Then, you see, a kind of what I call, spiritual element has been introduced.[…] Falling in love is a thing that strikes like lightening and is therefor extremely analogous to the mystical vision.” – Alan Watts


Falling in love makes you get out of your comfort zone, explore new things, discover new worlds. When you are in love you are more open to adventure, to learn new thin
gs. You seem to be a whole different person. But are you, really?
Or is it just that when you are in love you see yourself through the eyes of the person who is in love with you, and you let yourself really be free in all your aspects because you are just as perfect and whole as they see you and as you have always felt deep inside that you are? Continue reading “Who are you when you are in love?”


Confessing into change

For a very long time now I have refused to show and talk about my feelings or explain myself to anyone who is not extremely close to me. Extremely close are only my husband and my best friends. Even from them I am sometimes hiding how I feel, especially when I think they might be influenced in taking a decision. Do you know why that happens? Because I truly believe that expressing your feelings has a manipulative purpose. I know with my conscious mind that is not always true. But I still have not been able to really convince myself of the fact.

I grew up with a parent figure that used feelings to get us kids to do things. Then I was in a relationship for ten years where he would use emotional blackmail and emotional manipulation on a daily basis. He would withdraw his Continue reading “Confessing into change”


It’s a beautiful desert
The place that I live in
With hills ever changing
And the color of love.
At night the sky is closer
The stars sing solely to me
And I forget about the sun
So hot, so cruel, so bright
Burning, blinding, drying
Out my soul.
The blissful drops of water
That flood my night-time dreaming
Are just a painful promise
That’s always out of reach.
One day I’ll dry out hoping
And I’ll be like the dust
A toy for playful winds
Scattered to complete the beauty
Of the desert that I live in.

Povestea intregului

Pe un camp cu flori, in mijlocul verii, o tanara fata se plimba impreuna cu mama ei. Din cand in cand, fata se apleca si culegea cate o floare pentru a-i numara petalele si, daca aveau numar par, o mirosea si si-o prindea in coada impletita. Dar daca numarul de petale era impar, fata incepea jocul, intotdeauna cu “Ma iubeste”. Orice altceva era de neconceput si de nesuportat pentru sufletul ei fraged. Mama, contemplandu-si fiica cu flori in par si sperante in suflet, isi amintea de propria ei tinerete cand era indragostita de tatal fetei si urma sa se marite cu el. Era si ea la fel de emotionata. Si isi amintea cum, intr-o zi ca aceasta, in timp ce culegea flori pentru coronite si canta un cantec vechi din mosi stramosi, care stia ca ii va fi cantat si ei la nunta, a vazut o batrana cu o caprita apropiindu-se de ea. Isi amintea si acum povestea pe care batrana aceea i-o spusese si se hotari ca deseara, cand mireasa si fetele din sat vor impleti impreuna coronite, cantand, pentru nunta de a doua zi, sa le spuna si lor acea poveste.

– Dragele mele, am sa va spun povestea pe care mi-a spus-o o batrana cu o zi inaintea nuntii mele.
Fetele se agitara incantate, gata sa asculte.
– Erau o data intr-un tinut de munte cinci surori pe care viata, cu toate provocarile ei, le-a indepartat una de cealalta. Patru dintre ele au parasit casa parinteasca, una cate una, maritandu-se cu barbatii de care erau indragostite. Au lasat in urma rasetele copilariei, cantecele pe care le cantasera impreuna si micile certuri dintre ele, care le umbreau cateodata zilele. Cea mai mica a ramas sa isi ajute parintii si sa aiba grija de casa pe care, mai tarziu, a mostenit-o. Ani de zile au stat departe una de alta, pana intr-o zi, cand, impovarate de vina, si-au trimis vorba pentru a se reintalni cu toatele in casa copilariei lor. Aveau secrete sa-si marturiseasca. Continue reading “Povestea intregului”

Take off your mask

Take off your mask. It doens’t help, it actually only makes it worse. It makes it harder to be. Because that is just what you want, right? To be? Of course. To be happy, to be yourself, to be accepted, to be loved, to be in that state of blissfulness that only trust can give you. Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in love, and trust in the ultimate kindness of human kind. And love… Oh, love! Such a cliche, isn’t it? Continue reading “Take off your mask”

Soul and Mind

A person’s soul seems to be the most fragile thing. We tend to hide it away, to protect it. But it is not our soul that is fragile, but out psyche. We let our mind lead the way throughout our lives, we identify with it. Would we identify with a hammer or tool box if we were carpenters, with a computer if we worked in an office, with a plane if we were pilots? No. Than why would we believe we are our minds? It is just a tool. A beautifully powerful and Continue reading “Soul and Mind”