Dare to fly

because birds fly so high
and we are all afraid to die
you smile ’cause you are too shy
to tell me that you love me

but birds are not afraid to die
that’s how they dare to fly so high
and love should smile but not be shy
like you are when you touch me

if love should die
after we got our hopes so high
birds would still be up and fly
just like the day you met me


There’s growth in pain

I found Andrew Solomon’s Ted talk on depression by chance while listening to several other talks. I was so impressed of the depth to which this man could go in understanding what happened to him, and the clarity. He put it so beautifully. His voice so soothing. So I looked him up. He is a writer on psychology, Continue reading “There’s growth in pain”

In the beggining there was

After it was over, I was trying to answer people, to explain what had happened, what were the reasons for the divorce. No, nobody cheated on anybody. No, he did not hit me, he did not drink. Yes, we still loved eachother. But I was unhappy. Why? … I don’t know. I just was. I cannot explain. We lost eachother. He closed up. I wanted more. A different life. We stopped communicating. I don’t know. I don’t know and there is no way in hell

Continue reading “In the beggining there was”


Ah, the taste of an aching soul. The taste of your own pain, and the sweet indulgence in self-destruction.Rumi Quote How you love to dwell into admiring your own wounds, touching them just so they would hurt and shouting at the world to leave you in peace, to stop torturing you. Deep inside you know you are your own tormentor, but this addiction is to sweet to escape. You plunge into it and hold your breath to go in as deep as possible until you feel you’re suffocating. And you are suffocating in your own delusion. Why?┬áJust wake up.